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Precious instruments, illustrious names
Lutherie and Music between 17th and 20th Century in Europe

A unique event of its kind that recounts and connects four centuries of stringed-instrument making and collecting, of music and musician, of nobility and patronage.

A historical and cultural journey through the 17th to the 20th centuries, in which the protagonists are thirty invaluable musical instruments, some on public show for the first time, that once belonged to musicians of international fame or to prominent members of the nobility.
These are musical instruments of the highest artistic craftsmanship, made by prominent and universally-recognised luthiers.
This exhibition gives an insight into the profound cultural importance of music at the courts of some of the continent's major monarchies. several instruments are linked to the patronage of Queens of the House of Savoy, from Maria Cristina to Margaret, the Palace of Venaria was the ideal place for the reciprocal enhancement of the prestigious exhibition site and the notable artistic heritage presented.

An extraordinary opportunity to “see music” though a glance at our past, to prepare for an excellent future.


Edizioni Il Salabue

Publishing house specialised in producing and printing art books dedicated to violin making.
The company was founded with the intent of promoting Piedmontese violin making, and combines editorial activities with organising shows and exhibitions of bowed and plucked stringed musical instruments.
The first volume of the series Piedmontese Violin Making, published in 1999 and dedicated to the great twentieth-century violin maker Annibale Fagnola, won the Italian National Contest for the best quality of printing, and an award in Paris in 2000.

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