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Violin Making, Master of the Piedmontese school

"Violin Making, Masters of the Piedmontese school" is the title of the collateral exhibition of music instruments that took place in Turin, simultaneously with the first review of “Torino Antiquaria” 2013, an important meeting of merchants and collectors of antiques.It was a great dutiful tribute to Piedmontese violin making, one of the most important Schools of makers of bowed stringed instruments, which has been known for three centuries thanks to the evident characteristic expressive traits, through which each violin maker was able, however, to develop his personality and style.The exhibition devoted to the "Excellences" has highlighted the highly artistic regional Piedmont craft, unquestioned cultural heritage admired, sought after and pursued world-wide.


Edizioni Il Salabue

Publishing house specialised in producing and printing art books dedicated to violin making.
The company was founded with the intent of promoting Piedmontese violin making, and combines editorial activities with organising shows and exhibitions of bowed and plucked stringed musical instruments.
The first volume of the series Piedmontese Violin Making, published in 1999 and dedicated to the great twentieth-century violin maker Annibale Fagnola, won the Italian National Contest for the best quality of printing, and an award in Paris in 2000.

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