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La Guitare, Paris 1650-1950

At Edizioni Il Salabue we have always concentrated on stringed instruments, including plucked stringed instruments. Clearly in this field it is the guitar that represents the fundamental test-bench for a complex and in-depth work like this book.
Written by Daniel Sinier and Françoise de Ridder, it is the first in a series that will be entirely dedicated to the guitar; this first volume looks at French guitars from 1650 to 1950.
Here are numerous very rare instruments built by the most important Maestros of the time:
Bouchet, Coffé, Gélas, Gérard, Gomez Ramirez, Grobert, Huel, Jacquot, Lacôte, Lambert, Laprévotte, Lupot, Maccaferri, Mareschal, Martin, Michelot, Olry, Ory, Pons, Renault & Chatelain, Saunier, Selmer, Serdet, Valance, Voboam.
The contents is extraordinary both for the quality of the instruments and for the number of photographs of features and internal details, unpublished images collected by the authors over 35 years of their career.
A huge amount of work has gone into this book, and the result is more than 500 photographs illustrating 54 instruments, some presented over four pages including radiographs of the sound box.
A work of undoubted interest for numerous guitar makers, musicians, collectors and enthusiasts.

La Guitare
The Guitar, La Chitarra
Paris 1650-1950
Tome I

Sinier de Ridder

Book details:
224 pages, 24 x 34 cm, bound with hard cover
Three-language edition: French, English and Italian

Cover price:
220,00 Euro + shipping

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